Turkish Towel :Light Pink


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Peshtemal/ Turkish Towel is a traditional oversized towel made of natural fibers like organic cotton and linen, characterized by its fringed edges and stripes and prized for its high absorption, quick drying time, thin profile and tendency to become softer with every wash. It was used by Ottoman Sultans in the hammam and has a history of Ottoman Sultans in the hammam and has a history of nearly six hundred years. Kalkedon Peshtemal Towels are made of 100% cotton produced in traditional looms in Turkey. PRODUCT BENEFITS: Highly Absorbent: 100% cotton Kalkedon Towel is more absorbent than conventional towels Fast Dry: Kalkedon Turkish Beach Towel dries quickly Sand Resistant: Sand instantly vanishes when you brush or shake the towel. Machine Washable: Cold wash is recommended ***Superior quality to many others in the market! You can order sample towel to check the quality Size : Width - 38 inches Length - 68 inches Weight - 12.5 ounces/ 350 grams