Bride & Bride Tribe Hair Ties


* Trendy Hair Ties - These accessories are the perfect gift to add to swag bags or bridesmaid proposal boxes. Includes 10 hair tie packs for bridesmaids and 1 for the bride. * Cute and Classy - This set of stylish hair tie accessories are adorned with gold calligraphy and come in black for bridesmaids and white for the bride. * Sleek and Chic - Celebrate bridal showers and bachelorette parties in style. Created for the bride and her bridesmaids, these hair ties will look classy for all your bridal festivities. * Functional and Long-Lasting - With anti-fray edges, these hair ties don't wear out easily. They're sturdy enough for thin or thick hair of all textures and lengths. * For a Special Milestone - These hair ties are lovingly crafted for the bride and her tribe. Include these in your celebrations for one of the most cherished occasions in your life.